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Looking for the best places to Whitewater Kayak in and around Lundbreck? Below are some great routes, trips and resources to help you Whitewater Kayak in and around Lundbreck.

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Diverse is how we would best describe the paddling in this mountain/prairie province. In the west of the province runs are characterized by beautiful backdrops, continuous rivers and cold water. Everything from mellow multi day floats in national parks to hairy class V creeking is available in the west. As you move further east the gradient drops but there are still plentiful paddling options for those looking to float mellow rivers in really unique surroundings. It is a huge province so don't neglect to look north and south too. A very worthwhile paddling destination in it's own right.

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Whitewater Kayak Trips or Routes


Upper Oldman
Oldman River - A technical class II+/III run depending on flows. Expect small ledges, waves, and holes as you progress through multiple short canyons. Past the confluence with the Livingston there are a few larger rapids. Above the Livingston there are a few tight turns where logs may be a potential danger.
Livingstone - Upper Oldman
Livingstone River - From Livingstone Falls to the confluence with the Upper Oldman the river cuts through a steep short shale canyon. Livingstone Falls is a short 15' slide beside the parking area. After this bit of excitement there is 10 km Class II paddle down to the true start of the run in the little canyon. From this mid-point putin, the Livingstone canyon runs 10 km down to the Oldman and then another 6 km to the takeout. There are numerous waterfalls off the lip of the canyon into the river. The last river is characterized by lots of sharp corners and headwalls with good sloping shalebeds that create smooth surf waves at medium to higher flows. After the confluence with the Oldman, the volume of water doubles and there are some larger drops with bigger waves .
Gap Run
Oldman River - The spectacular Gap Run starts at the top of the canyon where the Oldman River cuts through the Livingstone Range. This run is characterized by gigantic boulders in random patterns that have fallen off the mountain slopes and been carried downstream during flood events. Gap Falls is a 20 ft plunge onto slab rock and most paddlers elect to portage around the Falls on the south side. The huuuge eddy above a sloping headwall provides an easy identification for the Falls. Pull off on river right. Find the goat track that angles up the headwall and continue on the path over the ridge. 200 meters below the Falls is the hardest rapid on this reach, Cave Rapids, with several ledges between rock gardens. At medium to low flows class III and at higher flows a Class IV. There are lots of short rapids below this with some good play features and surfing waves.
Dutch Creek to Gap
Oldman River - This run that connects the Upper Oldman run to the Gap run has less whitewater and more wood hazards. It does have some fun features but they are not as frequent,
Oldman River - The Whaleback Run on the Oldman River is a spectacular Grade II reach running from the massive rock wall, the Livingstone Range, below the Whaleback ridges and the Bob Creek Wildland Park. There are 2 Class III rapids, the first is a larger ledge underneath the powerline and the last one is just above the takeout at the Hwy 22 Bridge campground. There are numerous Class II ledges and boulder gardens that provide a diversity of river features and lots of fun for intermediate paddlers. A blue heron rookery in a large cottonwood tree grove, bald eagle nests, and some interesting bedrock features make this run very interesting.
Waldron Falls
Oldman River - Waldron Falls is a longer series of many ledges that combine to form a complex rapid. Easy access, camping on site and short length makes this a great park and slide that can be repeated as often as desired.
Waldron Run
Oldman River - This half-day trip starts below the Waldron Falls and runs down to Olin Creek. It has a number of small ledges with riffles and pools. Good intro to intermediate run for anything from tandem canoes to kayaks.

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