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Looking for the best places to Whitewater Kayak in and around Invermere? Below are some great routes, trips and resources to help you Whitewater Kayak in and around Invermere.

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I think it was John Grace who once said "It's all just training for British Columbia". He was referring to the super challenging creeking and multi day wilderness whitewater trips that are located all over this mountainous province. There is a lifetime worth of easy and intermediate paddling too. Whether it is multi day ocean trips, winter whitewater paddling on Vancouver Island, surfing tidal rapids, creeking in the interior, remote trips up north BC offers it all and then some.

Whitewater Kayak Trips or Routes


7 Canyons
Toby Creek - Considered one of the more difficult and committing runs in the interior, the 7 canyons section of the Toby offers a challenging but rewarding day out. If class 5 is what your after, you'll find technical class 5 white water with spectacular canyons in between. "Slipping Rock" being the first substantial rapid downstream of Panorama, giving a good indication of whats to come. After the Toby Creek Race Rapid, there's one more class 4+ rapid before you settle into the canyons. This is a good spot to leave behind anyone that's not feeling good. Half way done the run, there is a significant rapid called Smitty's, a mandatory scout/portage. I would advise going with someone that knows the run for the first time.
Lake Lillian
Lake Lillian - This is a beautiful lake half way up to Panorama usually with little wind. It is a great practice area, training ground, or just a nice place to explore by paddle!
Findlay Creek - Fantastic Run. Made up of a number of short canyons. The first canyon is the most challenging and can be easily scouted from the road just before the put in. The crux is a weir shape hole with a weakness on the river left. Pushes into 3+ when high in the spring and easy class 3 at lower levels later in the summer.
Findlay Creek - Tight Canyon, really amazing run. Lots of boils created by narrow sections. Look out for wood and log jams. They are always changing on this section. make sure you always out that last chance eddy in mind. Must make eddy's above log jams. Although when low this is a Grade 3+ trip I recommend this run to competent Grade 4 paddlers due to the wood hazard. However each canyon section can be portaged if necessary.


Columbia River Paddle

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Canoe Kayak Canada Freestyle is responsible for the growth and development of Freestyle Canoe/Kayak in Canada. We work with provincial, territorial and local organizations to hold programs that support athlete development. We also host National Team trials and support athletes at the international level.