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Looking for the best places to Whitewater Kayak in and around Hastings? Below are some great routes, trips and resources to help you Whitewater Kayak in and around Hastings.

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Level Six

Whitewater Kayak Trips or Routes


Gold Digger Wave
Trent River - Gold Digger Wave comes up at high water on the Trent when Lock 18 spills from the 2 south most gates in the spring or after heavy summer rains. Gold Digger was first surfed in 2021 so we don’t have an exact cms that guarantees it is up. The wave is located in a diversion channel that fed a mill on the southeast corner of County Road 45 and the trent river. the channel is clear of rebar and other debris as most of the year it is dry and we have walked it extensively searching for hazards. When Gold Digger is in it’s a great play spot with a short eddy that you can use to get back to the wave. if you miss the eddy a portage that includes a scramble up a stone wall is required. the wave itself is very fast, it has a big foam pile and has a great left spin. At the confluence back into the Trent River there appears to be what you might think is a ledge, but this is just formed by water, everything here is very clean. there are two more big waves on the Trent River side of the channel but they are not visible unless you walk on the east side of the bridge for CR45

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