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Looking for the best places to Raft in and around Mcbride? Below are some great routes, trips and resources to help you Raft in and around Mcbride.

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I think it was John Grace who once said "It's all just training for British Columbia". He was referring to the super challenging creeking and multi day wilderness whitewater trips that are located all over this mountainous province. There is a lifetime worth of easy and intermediate paddling too. Whether it is multi day ocean trips, winter whitewater paddling on Vancouver Island, surfing tidal rapids, creeking in the interior, remote trips up north BC offers it all and then some.

Raft Trips or Routes


Beaver Falls
Holmes River - The Holmes is a fairly continuous river run. Mostly just big crashy waves to enjoy. There are a few large pour overs to catch the un-attentive boater however. Wood can be an issue as well so heads up river running is key. From the Put-in the Holmes fairly quickly picks up steam and provides plenty of fun for the duration of the run. There are a few breaks where it slows down to class II. Just before the takeout there is a very defined rapid called Beaver Falls. It's easy to scout on the drive in. It is basically a fun ride down a ramp into some swirly water down below, easy to do laps on if you wish.

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Canoe Kayak Freestyle Committee National Programs

Canoe Kayak Canada Freestyle is responsible for the growth and development of Freestyle Canoe/Kayak in Canada. We work with provincial, territorial and local organizations to hold programs that support athlete development. We also host National Team trials and support athletes at the international level.