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Looking for the best places to Crossover Kayak in and around Whitehorse? Below are some great routes, trips and resources to help you Crossover Kayak in and around Whitehorse.

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The Yukon is one of the more under-rated paddling destinations in Western Canada. This territory has 20 + hours of daylight in the summer, you will need to to explore the many wilderness trips, whitewater runs and playspots on offer. Whitehorse is a great base to start from, be prepared to paddle in world class waterways in breathtaking scenery and being largely 'away from it all'. It is remote and big country up there, a fantastic place for an adventure!

Crossover Kayak Trips or Routes


Lower - Tahkini River Rd. to Yukon River Bridge
Tahkini River - Current is slow in most places and paddling is recommended. During low water it may be necessary to stay in the main current. The speed of the current does pick up for a short distance as you are nearing the take out.


Yukon wide adventure


Lambert street whitehorse yukon cana