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Looking for the best places to Crossover Kayak in and around Florence? Below are some great routes, trips and resources to help you Crossover Kayak in and around Florence.

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Crossover Kayak Trips or Routes


Sydenham Aughrim to Florance Paddle Route
Sydenham River - This route starts at the location of the annual canoe and kayak race launch point held by the local Conservation Authority. The put-in and take-out are easy for launching and taking out. There are numerous points on this route that without adequate water levels, you'll have to line your boat for some distance. This is best attempted in the spring as opposed to the summer when water levels can be low. There are a lot of unique features in this stretch of river. From unique rock formations and old remnants of bridges that are long gone, to the empty shells of freshwater mussels that litter the bottom of the river. Waterfowl can be seen on this stretch, as well as various species of ducks, Canada Geese, Herons and other water and shore birds along the way. Even the odd Wild Turkey can be seen on the banks.

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