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Looking for the best places to Canoe in and around Damascus? Below are some great routes, trips and resources to help you Canoe in and around Damascus.

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Canoe Trips or Routes


Damascus to Alvarado
South Fork Holston River - Awesome backyard style run! High water can bring some action but this river runs most of the year. Multiple putin options
Damascus to South Fork of the Holston River (Route 58)
Laurel Creek - Laurel Creek is the section of water that runs through the town of Damascus, VA. It is most commonly referred to as the lower section of Whitetop Laurel or the Upper Section of South Fork Holston.
Whitetop Laurel River - Whitetop Laurel is a great creek for those looking to step up a level with their creek boating. The creek has several great rapids in the run. The creek can be broken up into two sections if one doesn't have the time to paddle the entire 12 miles. The first section is from Creek Junction to Taylors Valley and contains some drops along with some other good rapids. The second section is from Taylors Valley to Damascus VA, this section is fairly continuous and has mainly cl II-III rapids.
Backbone Rock Park to Laurel Creek (Damascus)
Beaverdam Creek - Fun dynamic section. With high water can be combined with TN Laurel and Whitetop Laurel for the Triple Crown. Lots of fun dynamic moves and a million eddies to catch!

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