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The Upper Perry is a popular option during the spring when other creeks are too high. There are two put in options, one immediately below the Upper Canyon and one above the Upper Canyon. At lower levels (>80cms) the Upper Canyon adds two fun IV/IV+ rapids to the run. At higher flows (<80cms) the canyon quickly becomes class V and is most often portaged (on river left). Look out for Carls hole, an extremely trashy hole at the bottom of a long rapid mid run. It features an undercut rock island immediately downstream that often collects wood just to add to the hazard.. If the Upper Perry is too low be sure to check out the Lower Perry Canyon!


Nearest Town:
Revelstoke, BC, Canada
Time of Year:
Spring, Summer
Trip Length:
Half Day or Less
Shuttle Length:
30 min
River Features:
Continuous Rapids, Wood Hazard, Undercuts, Portages, Pool and Drop Rapids, Canyon
This run is surprisingly fun at a wide range of flows. However wood must always be a consideration. The upper put in adds a significant amount of (very scenic) flatwater, and a section of grade II leading up to the canyon. The canyon itself is relatively obvious upon arrival and best scouted/portaged on river left. The rapid featuring Carls hole is roughly one km after the canyon. To scout Carls, look for where the banks open up above a horizon line and a creek spills into an eddy on river right. Take out at the creek (river right) to scout. After Carls you have a couple more km's of fun read and run boulder gardens before the take-out.


Access Considerations:
Rough Logging Road, has been washed out in previous years creating long detour but not blocking access entirely.
Put In:
To put in below the canyon: Follow the logging road upstream from the take-out to a small pull out on your right at roughly 5.5km on the road . Look for flagging tape leading you down, way down to the river (15 Minute bush bash..). To put in above the canyon: Follow the logging road upstream from take-out, continuing as you rise high above the river and then slowly start to descend towards river level once again. Near the bottom of the descent (approx the 11km marker) you will come to a large pull out on your right with a grown over spur road heading in a downstream direction towards the river. Park at the pull out and hike (roughly 8-10minutes) down the grown over road; staying left when it forks, down to the river. Google Maps Directions
Take Out:
From Revelstoke take HWY1 west towards Salmon Arm. 40km west of Revelstoke HWY1 crosses a bridge over the Perry river. After crossing the bridge look for Perry River (Avoca) Rd on your right. Take Perry River Rd and follow approximately 1km, taking a left turn up the logging road where the pavement ends. Follow the logging road (staying right at the fork) approximately 3kms to where it first drops back down to meet the river. There are multiple parking and take-out options here. Pick one, scout/mark your take out and enjoy! Google Maps Directions

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