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Trips and Routes

Wigwam River - This description is the result of one run at low/medium flow so take it with a grain of salt. As with any creek you should be making your own decisions regarding the rapids. This run is remote for parts of it and frequently has wood in it so paddle with care. Lodgepole creek is a bump and grind depending on the water level, technically this might be class II whitewater. It provides a chance to stretch your muscles before you join up with the Wigwam. Once you join the Wigwam there is significantly more water. The first few kms of the Wigwam are pretty mellow and again provide a good chance to stretch the muscles and enjoy the scenery. As the river gets steeper and the canyon walls come in the action picks up. It is mostly boulder garden creek boating. At the level we did it at I would describe it as class III+, at higher water I think this would step up to class IV with fewer good eddies and more consequential moves. The river maintains this character for the next while with parts of it being more technical and other parts being more mellow class II/III. Before you reach the Elk River it mellows out a bit again and the canyon walls pull back. There are no big notable drops on this run but lots of good fun, bouncy, whitewater.