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Trips and Routes

Savona Bridge
Thompson River - Savona to Walhachin bridge 2 hours 45 minutes About 3 hours for savona to juniper. Two take out options . Potential hazards at train bridges One hole river right. Just passed halfway. Stay in the middle to avoid.
Black Canyon
Thompson River - High volume river. The first half of this trip has big waves through a scenic canyon. Becomes more of a float for the second half with a few more rapids just before the takeout.
Above Goldpan
Thompson River - Big water run through desert scenery. Mainly wave train style rapids with a few spots to play.
Frog Rock to Lytton.
Thompson River - Very high volume river with large wave trains and boily eddy-lines. General rule for the easiest line is to stay left. The run has 4 major rapids in the first half of the run and then gets easier for the second half.