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Upper Terepockie
Terepockie Creek - Terepockie Creek is a solid class IV run with small eddies and big drops, and buckets of paddling joy. Most drop can be scouted both river right and left, with the preference and best views being to river right. The drops consist of exposed bedrock with sections of boogie water in between, It is best to paddle this creek in small groups since most of the eddys before drops are only good for 2-3 boats. All the drops can be scouted and its recommended to scout the first two drops before putting on. Be careful about the second drop in the run known as "Wall street" its a steep slide with a narrow line, get it wrong and you will piton a headwall before getting pulled back into the hole at the bottom of the drop. All the other drops are easy to identify what lines are best. The road up is best done with a high clearance vehicle, if your vehicle is lifted you may be able to get over the cross ditch at the take out and shuttle the run. Directions are as follows: Head up Hwy 7 and turn up Sylvester road (look for the husky station on the.) Head up the road past Cascade Creek falls (another classic but rarely paddled), the road will eventually become Lost Creek FSR (yet another classic!) Stay on the main road and eventually you will cross over lost creek, continue on until you get to the bridge going over Terepocki Creek. Check the maps ahead of time to save yourself from taking wrong turns as there are a number of spurs. This bridge is the takeout point

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