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Lower Statlu
Statlu Creek - The lower section of Statlu Creek is mainly used as part of the Statlu/Chehalis run. Although the rapids are not particularly difficult, the canyon and remoteness of the run make it more committing than most runs in the area. The run consists of large boulders that have tumbled their way down the canyon walls and slowly rounded off by water and time. This is a staple run in south western BC and can be run at a wide range of flows, most of the drops are can be boat scouted however its recommended to scout the drops when the run out cant be seen as the river often has wood in play. At the put in bridge look upstream, the rapids upstream of the bridge are reflective of the most difficult sections of the run. Most people choose to walk up the road that parallels the creek a few hundred meters to a nice put in pool on river left. this run can be easily done in a playboat or creeker, however most opt for a creeker despite the fact that there are quite a few good waves to play on further down the Statlu and Chehalis, This river has good flows most of the spring and early summer, but will come up easily thought out the year with a good rain, and can be paddled year round if you are brave enough. The only gauge is on the Chehalis at the takeout, however most people just use the rapids above the put in bridge on the Statlu for the gauge, if you're happy running the rapids above the bridge then the rest of the run is good to go.