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St Croix River
St Croix Heritage River System - The St Croix International Waterway Commission is an international, non-profit partnership dedicated to protecting the beautiful St. Croix Heritage River System. With 56 campsites along the 100km of the St. Croix River there are many adventures to be had. Sites are located on both the State of Maine and the Province of New Brunswick and can be used for FREE on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please remember to abide by both international laws and take out of the water on the same side you launched from. Once on the river or lakes, remember that you can only use campsites/picnic sites/portage trails on the same side of the river or lake that you originally launched from.
Vanceboro to Loon Bay
St Croix Heritage River System - A beautiful trip along the St. Croix River from Vanceboro, Maine to Loon Bay, ME. There are several places to stop along the way to rest, picnic, or camp. Remember - if you access the River from the US, you must stay on the US side. - if you access the River from Canada, you must stay on the Canadian side. - you must advise Border Control if you are going to be crossing borders. For a full list of campsites please visit the New Brunswick entry at: