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Trips and Routes

Baysville to Fraserburg / Purbrook
South Muskoka River - Rapid pool with long stretches between features. This is a very long day in short boats. Spring High and Flood levels bring in some massive Class III+ features and holes which are otherwise not present. Surfing waves are Spring and highwater only.
Muskoka Falls
South Muskoka River - This is park and huck. There's 2 parts. Part 1: The 3 drops just below the bridge Part 2: the runout double drop. When one part is running, the other isn't. You want low water for the first drops and higher water for the lower double drop. First 3 drops: The first drop is a 45-50ft fall. The hole isn't sticky and the landing pool is deep. The second chute is a very very sticky hole at most levels. The third drop is a ~20ft rolling boof. Very deep. Safety should be set below the 3rd drop. If the 2nd chute hole is sticky, a safety there is also required! Runout double drop: You are looking for a medium flow for these. Between the first and second drop there is a curler wave to boof over. You should be able to breakthrough the bottom wave/hole with a nice boof and a good amount of speed. You may think it's possible to drive left after the curler but the river really wants to push you to the center or right side.