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Snake River
Snake River - The snake river is a tributary of the Peel. It is approximately 300 km long and takes 10-14 days to complete. There is not a lot of whitewater on it, altho there are a couple of rocky canyons that are class II-III. One canyon has a hard right bend on it and the water wants to push you into a rock wall. The scenery and mountain hiking on this river is amazing and definitely worth the trip.
Snake River - This is the Alpine Canyon section of the Snake. No matter what the water level, there is always something to surf on this stretch. At prime flows (6-12,000 cfs) world class surfing and hole riding are found at Lunch Counter Rapid. At high flows (13-40,000) many of the usual surf waves flatten out but some huge features form. Boaters should be wary of floating debris and large holes like Three Oar Deal. Check out the river map at the put-in.
South park to Astoria
Snake River - While most of this run is not whitewater, it is a great place for entry-level boaters to practice their skills. The river is deep, wide and forgiving, yet the eddy lines are powerful. During high water, the section below Hoback offers incredible play-boating. Eddy lines abound for stern squirts, enders and mystery move. This section also offers prime surfing at Kings Wave.
Wilson to south park
Snake River - From Wilson the Snake River meanders down the valley, contained by dikes on both sides. This stretch flows primarily through undeveloped areas and offers wonderful views of the Teton and Snake River Ranges. Wildlife viewing is good as well. Use caution to avoid snags or log jams. Kayaks, canoes, rafts, and dorys all float this section.
Dam to Pacific creek
Snake River - This is a beautiful run well suited for touring kayaks, canoes, rafts and dorys. The river meanders out of Jackson Lake, framed by the towering Grand Tetons. Many postcard photos have been taken of this section. Caution must be taken to avoid snags or log jams.
Pacific creek to Deadmans
Snake River - Below Pacific Creek, the river flows further from the road. It also picks up speed and becomes more braided. This is an incredibly scenic stretch with numerous opportunities to see wildlife. Touring kayaks, canoes, rafts, and dorys all float this stretch.