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Waterfalls Section
Sarita River - People say this is Vancouver Island’s answer to the Rio Del Rey. I haven’t paddled in Mexico, so I can’t say for sure, but the Sarita is a spectacular series of waterfalls in a stunning temperate rainforest surrounding. It starts with a fairly straightforward slide you can run centre right to left. Around the corner from this is about a 40 foot waterfall. In my experience you can either run down the middle or far left under the overhanging cedar tree. There may be other lines I haven’t seen. Scout from the left bank to pick your line. There seems like a bit of a cave on the left wall, but haven’t heard of anyone going in there. If you choose to portage you'll have to lower your boat down the left canyon wall. Portaging takes a while. Further down is a 15 foot slide/fall you can scout from the right bank and run left or middle. The final drop is said to be a 60 footer, but it looked like 50 to me. Scout from the left bank and get out early. Paddling between the two humps on the centre left works. There's a portage on the left as well. 60 cms on the Environment Canada online gauge is a nice medium/low. It would probably go higher. Not sure what the upper limit is. Sarita comes in with lots of rain and drops quickly.