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Trips and Routes

Maligne River - A fun canyon run that can be done after work or even during a lunch break if you hustle. The rapids are all scoutable on the hike upstream. Be prepared for an audience as this is a popular tourist destination. There are 4 main rapids: Turbobooster(III+/IV): The lowest of the rapids. It is barely visible from the trail through the trees. Hike down to the river from the trail for a closer look. Two Timer(Double Drop)(IV): Just above Turbo-booster consists of 2 holes. Most go left at the first and right at the second. Ledge drop(Fourth Bridge Drop)(III): Easily viewable from the trail. A ~1.5m ledge drop. Pick a line. The Sickle(V): Most difficult of the rapids. It is upstream from a small canyon and a boulder garden. At medium flows the large hole in the middle of this rapid gets sticky. Most try to punch it on the left. Pick a line in the boulder garden around the corner.
5th to 6th Bridge
Maligne River - This run is quite continuous and takes about 30 minutes on the water. It runs through old growth forest so be aware of the many log jams. The crux is an old demolished weir about halfway down the run near the warden station. It creates a little wave train and flushy hole. There is a trail that runs along river right from put in to take out and makes things easily scoutable