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Roaring Meg
Kawarau River - Lots of boils! Good spacing of rapids and eddies. At higher flows this run is more fast pushy with lots of boils, lower flows you will find defined features. There is a small surfable wave immediately after put in on the left. Named rapids are: Roaring Meg - just below the outflow of the power station/viewing platform Man Eater - Angry big hole in the middle of the river. Washes out at higher flows, at mid-low flows can be skirted on the right. Rollercoaster - 200m wavetrain
Kawarau River - The run starts with a couple of smaller rapids with some small play features and then continues through the gorge, then nearer the end is dogleg rapid where there is a hole and a wave in the right middle with a small green room on the far right to play in the features, or the far left if you want to skip some of the larger features, then followed by a wave train 50m down river then take out