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Okere Falls
Kaituna River - The Okere Falls section of the Kaituna is possibly the most well known run in New Zealand. Famous for its easy access deep water and fun drops. If you want o learn to boof, this is the place to learn. This short run packs some very fun paddling. The first rapid of note is the Power house rapid. Broken into Okere Falls (river right) or Tail Race (river left) and then into the weir. The next is Tutea falls, this 7m drop is a great boof on river rivght landing on the boil at the bottom. Many paddles have visited the green room here. If the water fall doesn't sound like you portage on river left from the big eddy about 50m upstream. After Tutea, there is 6 more fun drops including the play hole at the bottom. The Abyss rapid 4th one down is the last harder drop. watch out for the under cut below. Be sure to make the most of the pay hole, there are moves to be had in all boats. Make sure to get the takeout above Trout Pool falls. Trout Pool is a great Boof test piece a ramping drop about 5m high into a very sticky Hydraulic. Although commonly paddled now, it deserves a lot of respect.