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Trips and Routes

Greenford Campground to Ings Creek
Highwood River - A good long run with an unpleasant takeout. Don't let this deter you though, it is well worth the short , steep takeout at the end.The difficulty of this run varies greatly on water level as at lower water some of the features are toned down. The general picture is of Class III-IV ledges with Class II water in between . There are some very unique canyon sections which keep the scenery interesting. It is a river of very different faces from low to high water. Low water is pretty techy and tough on boats (sharp rock), as it gets higher the waves get big and super fun.
Eden Valley Bridge to Greenford
Highwood River - A short (often combined with the section above or section below), fun section comprised of mainly Class II paddling with some Class III ledges and rapids. At lower water it is pretty technical, when the river get over 60cms some big holes and play waves start to form in places.
Group Campsite to Eden Valley Bridge
Highwood River - II+ rapids starts the run for the first few kilometers until you reach a horizon line. This starts a series of 4 or 5 ledges spaced over the next few kilometers that range from III - IV. Afte the last drop the river makes a hard left turn with logs piled up against the head wall. This may be a hazard in pushy flows. The rapids then continue with class II+ until the river makes a left turn at a rock outcropping with a chain link fence visible on the right hand side. This is the entry to Highwood Falls which is a III+ - IV+ double drop into a narrow constriction. The rapids ease again until the take-out.
Highwood River - A fun Class II run with a bunch of catch on the fly surf waves, sharp eddy lines and one bigger rapid 'Island Rapid' about 3/4 of the way down the run. This river trip starts of slowly and gradually builds as you go.
Ings Creek to Longview
Highwood River - This is a nice easy run with a few ledges for a bit of class II/II+ fun. Its about a 2 hour paddle at an easy pace but the canyon is beautiful so taking longer to enjoy the view is not difficult.
Longview to High River
Highwood River - Rapids, rock ledges and some wave trains though various sections of this trip. Lots of fallen trees (2013 flood changed the dynamic of this river), logs, strainers and sweepers to keep you busy. Excellent opportunity to see various eagles and some trout. Some fun wave trains and drops too.