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Trips and Routes

Upper and Middle Gold "Bachelor Paddle"
Gold River - The "Bachelor Paddle" section contains wonderful whitewater that is fairly steady right from the get go. Its a boulder garden wonderland with many boof friendly drops (up to 2 meters). At low and medium flows, the run contains short pools and numerous eddies between the drops. The character changes drastically as water rises above 25-30 cms. All the pools rush together and the run feels more continuous, and contains more bigwater features like diagonals and wave-holes. However even up to 70 cms the run maintains a grade IV feel (much like its distant neighbor the kickinghorse). That is with the exception of the biggest rapid on the run which pushes class V at higher water. This rapid is situated midway down the second half of the run (middle gold) and can't be mistaken as it is a much more significant horizon line than anything up to that point. Its a long rapid with big holes and pour-overs to dodge and runs through a steep sided valley that is moderately challenging terrain to navigate. The drawbacks of the run are it's remote location and its tendency to collect trees (large trees). However, as of 2017 there were minimal portages necessary and its short enough and high enough quality for multiple laps.
Gold River - A classic class IV section with an astoundingly beautiful canyon that progresses as you get farther along the run. It ranges anywhere from a creeky feel at low water to a big water freight train at higher flows.
Gold River - An excellent class 2/3 section right through Gold River Town. It features easy boulder gardens at lower flows that provide a great easy introduction to creeking and the skills of rock dodging. At medium to higher flows some surf waves form and it becomes a friendly fun higher volume run. A great option for paddlers not up for the surrounding creeks or bigger sections of the Gold.
Lower Gold
Gold River - The Lower is another classic section of the Gold. Nice bedrock rapids, scenic waterfalls along the banks and a canyon make this an awesome paddle at a wide range of flows, with difficulty steadily ramping up as the river rises.