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Trips and Routes

Goat River - Starts out nice and fast with small holes and little ledges at low water levels. Two very sharp 90 degree corners, the second of which almost all the current directly flows into the bedrock bank creating a gnarly wave. There is a sneak route on the very inside of the corner river-left, but you may want to get out and scout on river left. From there it is mostly class 2 with potential wood hazard. Take out and scout if in doubt.
Highway 3 North
Goat River - Summer time run , higher water necessary. Nice rapid about halfway from the bridge put-in to the trail near “Mountain park rv” (last take out before the first notable drop. ) Upriver of mountain park rv , is lower class than what lies downriver. There is a dam after the biggest rapids under the “canyon-lister rd” bridge. Wise to keep to the upper section of this run, and keep it short and sweet. Im sure you could put in More north if you wanted a longer class2-3 run. Fair bit of non hazardous timber, intermediate skill required.

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