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Trips and Routes

Upper (Haute)
Gatineau River - To be very transparent I have only run this section twice so am by no means the authority on it, however it is a sensational run and it needs to be on Paddling Maps. If anyone has better info and beta, please suggest a change! This run is a large volume Class III/IV run, and although large in size, most have a clean 'tongue' line avoiding the larger, more challenging features. When putting in at the Bonnet Rouge rafting put in there are 6 or 7 rapids of varying size, all scoutable and most are sneakable in some capacity. The character and difficulty of the river vary greatly based on wildly differing water levels. I was told that on a low water run the river can get 6' or more higher in the Spring. I paddled it in very low water one day and then about 2' higher than that a week later. It seems there is no rhyme or reason to the flow in the late summer as flows are regulated by upstream dams. In the Spring expect high water and much larger features. It is a little out of the way but well worth the drive!
Cascades Club Launch
Gatineau River - Easy river run, first downstream, then upstream. Recently the waterlevel is low and current not too bad.
Plaisance National Park
Gatineau River - Paddle around in the Plaisance National Park.
Near Wakefield
Gatineau River - An easy round trip on the slow moving Gatineau River. You can explore the island in the bay.
Farm Point
Gatineau River - Slow paddle upstream to get to Wakefield from Farm Point. Easy return with the spring current.
Leamy Lake
Gatineau River - Easy access to the water. Chose the lake or the river. Free parking and toilets nearby. A little bit of current when you exit the lake onto the river. Here 2 rivers meet so there is a bit of currents. Nice vieuws of both Ottawa and Gatineau.
Gatineau River - Go with the flow downriver.
Sans Cartier
Gatineau River - Easy access for a tour around Kettle Island or just some exploring behind the paper factory.
Gatineau River Playspots
Gatineau River - In the spring at flood levels a big wave/hole comes in right past the covered bridge. This wave has a huge foam pile but isn't eddy accessible so you have one shot to catch it before having to walk back up. There are no rapids here at all after the spring floods. In the fall if 2023 the Chelsea Dam was being fixed so the water level was dropped from in Wakefield causing low low water rapids to come in for the first time. Some of these surf waves were eddy accessible where other ones like the green waves you had to walk up everytime. Most likely the low water rapids won't come back in for a long time unfortunately.