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Lower Section
Findlay Creek - Lower Findlay Creek is quite the run. A bunch of Class V rockies style creeking (think sharp unyielding rocks) all housed in a deep canyon. Lower Findlay Falls left line saw (from what I understand) it's first descent in 2015 by Kiwi Allen Yip, I am not sure it has been repeated, so, most people put in below the falls. After this you have about 2kms to question whether this was a good idea before the canyon walls set in and the drops begin. 2 narrow pinches lead you the Portal which is a really retentive hole, and, if it doesnt seem good to go it might be worth exiting the river with dignity, gear and skin intact. After the Portal things really start to boogie. If you are on this run you need to be able to piece this all together without long descriptions. So, go with a strong team, take your time and enjoy this early and late season Rockies gem.
Findlay Creek - Fantastic Run. Made up of a number of short canyons. The first canyon is the most challenging and can be easily scouted from the road just before the put in. The crux is a weir shape hole with a weakness on the river left. Pushes into 3+ when high in the spring and easy class 3 at lower levels later in the summer.
Findlay Creek - Tight Canyon, really amazing run. Lots of boils created by narrow sections. Look out for wood and log jams. They are always changing on this section. make sure you always out that last chance eddy in mind. Must make eddy's above log jams. Although when low this is a Grade 3+ trip I recommend this run to competent Grade 4 paddlers due to the wood hazard. However each canyon section can be portaged if necessary.