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Trips and Routes

Campground Run (Lundbreck Falls to Lundbreck Bridge)
Crowsnest River - A unique little run in the interface of the prairies and foothills of Southern Alberta. This run is characterized by a few small ledges near the beginning and then loads of great eddies, little surf waves and fun 'boogie water'. Really a Class II+ run, though can get into the Class III range at higher water.
Lundbreck Falls
Crowsnest River - A Park and Huck 20' - 30' waterfall. Multiple lines at differing levels. Be aware of submerged hazards on this drop, they are common and have cause drownings in the past. Left line is taller and feels more committing, river right line is a bit more techy but make sure you have a strong back if you land flat. Middle line goes at high flows.
Lower Crow (Township Road 74 Bridge to Reservoir)
Crowsnest River - A great introduction to moving water with lots of eddies on both sides of the river. Most features are man made fish habitat.
Hillcrest Run
Crowsnest River - This run has a harder rapid (Class II+/III-) directly below the Frank Slide Cascade. Paddlers can put in above or below this rapid. Below the first rapid there are lots of different smaller Class II rapids with some good surfing waves and clean eddies that provides lots of opportunity to practise river skills.
Frank Slide Cascades
Crowsnest River - The boulders that fell off Turtle Mountain formed a small lake underneath the mountain at Frank. There is a Class III rapid at the top of the lake, a Class IV rapid below the lake and a Class V rapid below that. The river flows over, through and between gigantic boulders.
Burmis Run
Crowsnest River - A great day run down the Crowsnest River that brings the paddler from the mountains out into the foothills.
Blairmore Run
Crowsnest River - Alberta Environment added numerous rock structures to improve fish habitat in the Crowsnest River through Blairmore. These rock structures are also ideal paddling features with eddies, drops, small surf waves and great teaching locations. This trip runs right through the heart of the town and out the other side.