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Crowe River Bridge Playspot
Crowe River - This well known play spot can get quite busy during MACKfest in the spring. Depending on levels, the amount of surfable waves adjusts. However in lower water there are nice waves 100 metres or so down river. In higher water, there are several waves for all boats from long glassy waves, to steep crashing waves, to more retentive holes. In higher water, the eddy access becomes more difficult to achieve, but with some practice, it is attainable. Note that at higher levels, swimming is quite hazardous in this section. There are rock shelves, and a low head dam. This spot is also great for spectators, as they can stand on the bridge to get an overhead view of those surfing the first waves.
Callaghan Rapids Playspots
Crowe River - When at the campsite you will see a metre wide ledge that depending on water levels will either tempt you or have you put in down stream. From here you want to get to the middle of the river. There is a horizon line that comes up pretty fast you want to make sure you are river centre in the main flow. As you drop over the horizon line stay centre through the first set of waves. This can be quite shallow before the wave. Past the wave, paddle rive right to the eddy behind the island. This is the eddy that you will access the wave from. There are several other play features on this rapid with a very forgiving hole just metres downstream. There are no real hazards to a swim here. other than the cold. This play spot is a fast steep wave and seems to keep its form at lower water, when crow bridges waves are getting smaller.

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