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Trips and Routes

Marie Canyon
Cowichan River - The classic run on the island. A class III river with two class IV features depending on flow. The first rapid Skutz Falls can be skipped by putting in below the fish ladders. There are several simple class II+ rapids with a very few play spots depending on flow. The run ends at “Last Drop” - fun at the right levels but can be portaged or skipped on river left..
Duck Pond to Little Beach
Cowichan River - An excellent beginner run that goes though town. The put in is a great location to introduce moving water, and the main run has enough large eddies for practice. All the rapids are class I, with enough flatwater in between.
Little Beach to Spring Pool
Cowichan River - A step-up from the Duck Pond, this section provides a couple large class II wave trains for a beginner’s education. Most rapids don’t require any specific line; the eddies are well defined making this a good second run for a paddler. Combined with the upper run, these two sections make a good full day trip. You do need to know where the takeout is; missing it will extend the trip significantly!
Sandy Pool to Vimy (Heritage Rd)
Cowichan River - A pleasant section of the Cowichan well suited to novice and intermediate paddlers. There are a few wave trains that can either be challenged or avoided. Enjoyable for those new to swiftwater SUP or those wanting to build skills before taking it up a notch. The speed of the river is directly proportional to the flow rate. The take-out is on river-left: a gravel beach, a rise up to a yellow gate with concrete barriers, and a bend to the left are significant markers. Take-out should be recce'd when to ensure visual cues are noted. 45-60 min run length.
Stoltz Pool to Sandy Pool
Cowichan River - Another good novice or intermediate run. A bit more difficult than the Sandy Pool to Vimy section. Rapids are a bit bigger and longer than that section. It's narrower, so there are less chances to avoid the rough stuff if that is paddler's intent. Easy access points are both in public parks, but does require a short walk/portage . Finding the take out may be a bit challenging from the river, so it's worth checking out the take out beach at Sandy Pool.
Vimy (Heritage Rd) to Allenby Road
Cowichan River - Good for novices and intermediate paddlers. Channels are wide with multiple options for line choices. Some nice wave trains to play in if desired. A significant Class 2+ section about a third of the way into this section. May be walked around or one can opt for a less difficult inside line. Yummy hot dogs, fries, and onion rings at Carol's Hot Dog Trailer located at the Allenby Road take-out (seasonal). What a great way to end the run!
Spring Pool to Skutz Falls
Cowichan River - This is a very mellow section of the river. There are no rapids of significance but its natural beauty is worth seeing. Not recommended as a trip to be done River right is all private land and river left is park. This section is normally canoed staring from the Lake to take out above Skutz, avoiding a long haul portage of 800 metres. NOT recommend as a whitewater run