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Trips and Routes

Fairmont Hot Springs
Columbia River - This is a fun class I-II river that is very narrow, clear, warm and an overall great place to gain confidence as a beginner. There are lots of bends and nice big eddies to practice on.
Fairmont to Lakeshore Campground
Columbia River - This is a super mellow float through the upper Columbia River wetlands and is great for bird watching, scenic photography and just a pleasure to paddle with friends of all abilities! You can take any craft down this stretch without trouble in any water level.
Radium to Edgewater
Columbia River - This is an easy float trip through the Columbia Wetlands. You will see lots of birds, ducks and maybe even beavers. This trip is good at all water levels. If you are hoping to camp along shore- high water is not a great time.
Invermere to Radium
Columbia River - You can take any craft down this scenic river float but since paddling is the name of the game on this one- rafts and play boats are not recommended! Enjoy paddling through some flat wetlands up near Invermere where you will see lots of ducks, fish, birds and possibly even beaver or otters! Then make your way down the river where the Toby Creek comes in to enjoy a bit of paddling help from the flow of these two rivers merging. With no rapids at all on this section and the river only being 20-30m wide it is a trip that anyone can enjoy!
Unexpected Wave
Columbia River - At 1600 CMS on the Trail Wave gauge on the River App a wave comes in on the other side of the river near the Trail Airport. This wave is similar to Trail wave just smaller. To get to the wave you have to paddle up the huge eddy until you get around the corner and then keep going for another 5 minutes then you do a big ferry across the river aiming for the eddies there.

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