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Trips and Routes

Upper Fling
Caycuse River - The Upper Caycuse River is a bridge to bridge paddle, This section and the lower were our First 1st decent of 2021 on Vancouver Island. The upper is a short 4 km run that is a classic low bank, wide open low volume creek. during the first half or so it will feel like the 3plus ledges were a little to manky to be worth it, you will change your mind when you see a short walled mini box canyon. Eddie left and scout the full class 4 canyon from the left. For me this rapid made it all worth it . this rapid consists of 3 ledges and 3 pools with a long flat run out the bottom. This run is actually a very good training ground the boaters that are pushing to class 4. Next bridge Take out but highly recommended read on the Caycuse lower fling and keep going till the bridge after that.
Lower Sling
Caycuse River - This is an extremely Beautiful run. with 3 canyons, deep pools and see to the bottom perfectly clear water. The best part about it is the classic river gets harder as the flow rise.At low the Caycuse will produce Class 4 At medium 4+ at high lass 5. It will be a little stressful for class 4 because it has 3 canyons that are deep and the walls are close. however at low flow all rapids are easy to scout, easy to portage and easily lapped. the hardest drop is Nasal Swab which is in the early stages of the run Nasal Swab is at the end of the canyon which come ups really fast.. if you are comfortable you can paddle right up to the drop and stand out of the boat to scout.THE POOL AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS IS OLYMPIC SIZED if portaging this portage . the first drop is a 12 to 15 drop with the lowers flows has a slide on the left. Or you can go for the boof in the middle if it higher side and higher. As the run continues on through some fun ledges and class 3 rapids, you will notice as it starts to choke up again. the first drop is the only waterfall. on this run so dont another isnt sneaking. at most of the choke points at low does get a little pinny and hard to boat scout. at low and med there is a to room to scout and portage. At high flows it defininetly will be a little less choice. There is 3 distinguishable canyons on this run2 out of the have the 2 larger rapids. again lots of time and easy to see. after the first 6 km the action winds into deep pools with massive. sandy beaches and amzaing veiws. The iver is perfect for the class 4 boaters that dont get to see the canyons or a really good place to get that feel of a little stress that comes with walls and rapids at the same time. as well it is a really run to work on everything creeking has to off. That being said if you are boating class but never stuff like this, please because of the in the middle of now where location and characteristics of the run, have some one that has paddled this classic STEEEEEEEEP Bank, canyon run.