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Trips and Routes

Lower Canyon
Bull River - This is a nice short section of river (3 km) that maintains its excitement fairly consistently throughout its length. It's short enough that a couple of runs are very do-able, and actually probably necessary to make the drive worthwhile. The run may be extended by driving an extra 7.5 km upstream of the bridge put-in. This adds a section of grade II+ paddling in a very scenic river valley. The run from the 3 km put-in starts out pretty low key, class II- for the first kilometer. A class II+/III- rapid just before a bend to the left starts the action off. Starting under the bridge, expect fairly continuous class III for about 1 kilometer. At this point, the river bends slightly to the left at an outcrop, which is the beginning of the canyon. The entire canyon (300 m) can be scouted on river left. After the last rapid of the canyon, the water is calm and moving slowly; the take-out is after a rock outcrop on river left. The carry up is a bit of a leg workout.
Camp 6 to Sulpher Creek
Bull River - The upper canyons of the Bull have not seen nearly the attention that the lower run has garnished. Yet it is a gem of a run that has easy access at the put-in and takeout and fabulous camping! It is an extra 30 km up the logging road and is relatively short, so this likely explains why it is not well known.
Bull River - This is a hidden gem, almost didn't want to put on the guide!! The camping is great and the river absolutely beautiful. This run consists on three short canyon two of which are class 4. The section reminds me of paddling on the West Coast in New Zealand!