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Trips and Routes

Multiple River Access
Beaver River - Slow moving river with multiple access and exit points. Great for day trips where you are looking to relax and see some wildlife. Paddle from Lessard Bridge to Ardmore Bridge takes about 3-5 hours. Paddle from Lessard Bridge to Cold Lake Bridge takes about 8 plus hours. Great relaxing paddle on a slow moving river.
Beaver River Rd to Cupola Bridge
Beaver River - Complex Class 1 navigation through numerous log jams, and sweepers on the Upper 3rd. Not for beginner paddlers. The middle section from the Hwy 1 Bridge down features stunning Class 1 moving water with open corners and easy navigation. The lower third increases in difficulty with Class 2 sections for roughly 3.5km of the river. Two sections of Class 3 were encountered along the way with two superb standing wave play options.
Lower Marie Creek
Beaver River - ~10 KM trip on small winding creek, lots of minor rapids to play