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Trips and Routes

Stanley Falls to 93N
Beauty Creek - Steep pool drop creek. All of the drops can be scouted on the hike up. For the most part it is possible to pick and choose which drops you would like to run, however a rope is essential unless you have ninja skills to get out of the canyon in certain places, including the take out. Put in below Stanley Falls (the beautiful ~20m drop at the top of the canyon), which has yet to be run but may be possible. There are 8 drops and slides to the take out. 1. Stanley Falls 2. Double Drop/Cascade - a slide/drop with a ledge halfway down pushing into an undercut river left. Watch your spine at low flows. 3. Lumbarsis - 10m vertical into a pool with an undercut on the left. Once again, watch your spine. After Lumbarsis the river enters a tighter canyon which essentially commits you to the next few drops 4. Sloper - a 5m steep drop into a hole with varying stickiness depending on flow. 5. Cannon Fodder - a drop over a log jam. At really low flows it may just be a log jam. 6. The Second Falls - A super sweet auto boof into a pool if you can catch the left side outcropping. After this drop it is possible to exit the canyon. 7. Hat-Trick - a triple drop with some mank that torpedoes you out the slot at the bottom into yet another pool. 8. Sketchy triple drop seen in Twitch - 2m verticle into a hole, into a slide, then off a 5m drop into the pool. Exiting the canyon at this point requires at least a hand line. Below the eighth drop the canyon becomes super tight and extra log choked grade VI. Portage the canyon and put in at the remains of the bridge to get back to the highway.

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