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Trips and Routes

Falls Run -- Athabasca Falls to Meeting of the Waters/Whirlpool River
Athabasca River - A big water feel class II river with several small play spots and many wave trains. The river runs through some canyon sections with beautiful scenery and lots of potential for eddy practice. The rapids begin right at the put in. Aim right of the house sized boulder and follow the wave trains. Roughly 20 minutes into the run there is a long straight flat section that leads into a canyon. As you enter the canyon, noise from the upcoming rapid echoes and sounds as though you are heading towards a huge drop, this is the Kerkeslin ledges and it is not as big as it sounds. It is a straight forward series of wave trains, the smoothest line is center left. After the ledges there is a 30-45 minute class I float to the takeout. Watch for the Take Out #1(Meeting of the Waters) on the left at the confluence with the Whirlpool river a short time after the Athabasca meets and begins following Hwy 93. Take out #2 is on river right just around the corner from Take Out #1
Mile 5
Athabasca River - A large volume class II run. Starting at the Mile five bridge everything is nice and mellow until arriving at the rapids at Becker's Chalet where things pick up into a class II wave train through the s-bend. Just past the s-bend on the left side of the river is Becker's hole which is a fun play spot at certain flows. After Becker's rapid are a few more rapids involving big wave trains and small holes here or there until the Alpine Village take out. From Alpine Village to Old Fort Point is quite mellow.
Athabasca To Riverside OR Poachers Landing
Athabasca River - 2 different takeout options on this run. The longer being a 56 km (34 mile) paddle from the town boat launch to Poacher's Landing Provincial Park. The shorter being approx. half the distance to Riverside Recreation area.
Smith To Athabasca
Athabasca River - 115 km (70 mile) paddle from the Hamlet of Smith to Athabasca. Easy paddle down the river with numerous islands to camp on for dispersed camping (no facilities).
Athabasca to Grand Rapids (250 km +/-)
Athabasca River - Depending on where you put-in. Town of Athabasca, Poachers Landing, or Calling River confluence, will determine the number of nights (from 2 to 4) required for wilderness camping en-route to the lodge, which is the last available take-out before reaching the city of Fort. McMurray at Km 420. The 250 to 200 km paddle is pretty much flat with only a couple sets of small rapids. This stretch of the Athabasca will take you through miles of pristine Boreal wilderness, providing amazing scenery, abundant wildlife, and many historical locations.
Hinton to Whitecourt
Athabasca River - Paddler skill of this 3 to 4-day stretch of the river is classified as "Novice Open Canadian", but the current, gravel bars and overhanging trees demand constant vigilance. Several sets of rapids with standing waves and eddies have to be negotiated. Many islands with good camping spots.

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