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Winter polo Family/household pass


elevation place, canmore

 hello everyone,
 Welcome to the Bow valley kayak club's winter canoe polo!
 We are very excited to offer another ICF competitive discipline within the BVKC.
 These canoe polo games and sessions will be done at elevation place swimming pool in Canmore.
 Dates and times are:
 Thursdays, 1830-2030
 October 2021 - 14th, 28th
 November 2021 - 11th, 25th
 December 2021 - 9th
 January 2022 - 20th
 February 2022 - 3rd, 17th
 March 2022 - 3rd, 17th, 31st
 April 2022 - 14th, 28th

13 games for $300 = cheapest canoe polo you will find.

We have 6 lanes of the swimming pool on the Thursday's listed above from 1830-2030. if possible be changed and ready to get on the water at 1825.
Due to the size of the pool and the equipment we have available, we will be playing in playboats. 
We have playboats we can provide; but you will need to bring your own foot foam/ something that will do the same job as a foam foot rest.
Feel free to bring your own boat as well.
Your craft will ideally be a modern playboat, however, in the interest of inclusivity anything 7 ft or under will do the job fine. 
Please cover any stabby areas, rough areas, screw-holes, or less-than-smooth areas of your kayak with tape prior to playing.
Paddles: Paddles must have the edges covered and have a minimum 3mm thickness around the full edge of the blade. There will be no exceptions to this. Lots of tape or vehicle door trim from Canadian tire can do the job nicely.
Helmets: helmets and face protection is necessary to take part. We will have some standard polo helmets to use. If you have an untypical head shape/size you may need to sort out your own. We will allow most full-face helmets.
Pfd's: You will need to bring your own personal floatation aid. The club will not provide these.
Sprayskirts: we have a stock of nylon spray skirts for you to use. They are not great and will involve emptying/ unexpected ejections. we would recommend bringing your own.
 The games:
We will be playing dumbed down versions of the ICF Rules. Having a fun time will be the priority as opposed to producing excellent players. There will be a relaxed approach to the games.
We can spend a bit of time each night learning some polo techniques as well as playing games of polo.
Every now and then we will endeavor to get a proper polo coach in for a bit of development.
Please be aware that canoe polo is a full contact sport, as such there is an element of risk involved. If Choosing to take part in this activity: you assume all the risk involved and the BVKC and AWA waiver will apply. 
Polo has been described as "Rugby for kayakers". This is accurate.
We won't be playing contact all the time and it is up to each individual if they want to play tackles or not.

Participant ability:
A solid roll is required.
A large amount of water confidence.
A basic level of fitness.

Due to the financial commitment required to secure the swimming pool for us, tickets are non refund-able.
 for any enquiries please contact:
 [email protected]
 Robbie: 587-585-8711 (no voicemails)

Available Session Dates

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Winter 2021/2022 5 Spots how_to_reg Register