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whitewater skills improvement program.



This is for everyone with white water experience looking to improve and gain confidence. Perfect for those that have taken an introductory course, had some practice and want to continue the adventure!

The coaching will be specific to the Individual. You may have an idea of what you would like to improve/ feel more confident doing. If not, don't worry we can help you there! Here are some ideas: Do you want to move around the river with less effort? Do you want to learn to surf? Do you want to get better in your little/play boat? Do you want to start looking at more advanced/technical manoeuvres? Are we thinking about some tricks/freestyle on the river? Getting better at rescues? More rope work? Safer swimming? 

This course is also for those looking to take steps into the world of playboats, surfing, and turning the river features into a playground. During the course you will learn how to identify the hazards involved in using river features and how to manage yourself and your group to keep everyone safe whilst playing. You will be introduced to more advanced boat control and a more detailed approach to how your boat, body, and blade can be used to create a slice of the magic we see the professionals do. 

this is a great bread and butter course for all levels and everyone is sure to have a blast!

If we can be of any help please get in touch!
You can call Robbie on (587) 585-8711
Or email us at [email protected]

Pre-requirements: Comfortable paddling class 2 moving water, ability to roll in easy moving water.

Available Session Dates

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Tuesday evenings: May 17th, 24th, 31st, June 7th, 14th, 21st 6 Spots how_to_reg Register