intro to surfing!



This course is for those looking to take steps into the world of surfing, and turning the river features into a playground.
During the course you will learn how to take a " park n play" approach to a river; as opposed to a top to bottom run. You will be introduced to rolling and t rescues,  more advanced boat control and a more detailed approach to how your boat, body, and blade can be used to create a slice of the magic we see the professionals do. 

For successful participation in this course we must have grade 1/2 experience and be very happy entering the water... multiple times.

Session 1: support strokes, t rescues, rolling, rescues.
Session 2: eddying refinement and ferrying across very small features
Session 3: get that first wave!

This is not a beginner program. This is aimed at the novicey-intermediate paddler. that has already done a beginner program and has built some boating experience.

Enquiries at [email protected]
telephone (587) 585-8711

Sorry, no future sessions are currently available.