Drop In | 5 punch May-Sept

$100.00 / Members: $100.00

Calgary & Kananaskis

 ALL Participants must Sign up to the sessions they plan to attend a minimum of 24hrs prior.

Please sign up here: Click here

Drop in sessions can be purchased and used at any time.  If you withdraw from classes less then 24hrs before the time of the session you will be charged for the full amount of the session.

Please show up at 6:30 ready for at  Pearce Estate Park parking lot for Wednesday night drop ins

Saturday night drop-ins will be subject to change due to change in river flow times.  Check schedule a couple days prior to see there are any changes.

for any questions of concerns please reach out to.

[email protected]

or  call
Hayden Daniels 

Sorry, no future sessions are currently available.