3 Days a Week Slalom Racers | May - Sept, 2023

$750.00 / Members: $750.00

Harvie Passage & Kananaskis

This is the beginning of the Alberta Slalom Development team.  Athletes will be committing to 3 days a week of training as well as their intent to compete in the Alberta race series. With the goal honing into specific skills that will allow athletes to be top contenders at the 2023 Nationals held in Eastern Canada in late August.

Tuesday and Thursday session will be held from 6:30-7:45pm
Saturday session will be held at varying times to accommodate water flow times at the Kanaskis River.  Two sessions will be held over each an hour in length.  

Paddlers must be able to (at minimum) confidently wet exit in swiftly moving water and be working on development of a river kayak roll. 

Families that have multiple athletes enrolled in the same programs will be eligible for discounts compiled for each additional member.

Sorry, no future sessions are currently available.